Special Edition Temasek Trust Newsletter

Over the past eight months, MediaCorp has produced a series of 7-minute TV documentaries featuring some of the inspiring work carried out by our Non Profit Philanthropic Organisations (NPPOs). The series of eight mini documentaries were broadcast on Spotlight, Channel NewsAsia's Sunday Night News Bulletin, on a monthly basis commencing October 2014. The first five videos, which aired between October 2014 and January 2015, were shared in a special edition of the Temasek Trust newsletter in January 2015. In this second special edition of the Temasek Trust newsletter, we are sharing the final three videos in the series, which aired between February and April 2015.


Help for Special Needs Kids

Featuring the work of the Singapore Millennium Foundation (SMF) & Temasek Cares

This mini documentary looks at how SMF and Temasek Cares support families and educators of children with special needs, and particularly children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Two Temasek Cares programmes SAFE (Support Autism through Family Empowerment) and ISSPA (Integration Support Programme for Pre-schoolers with Autism) are featured, including a family who directly benefits from the ISSPA programme. SMF’s Virtual Pink Dolphin project is also highlighted in this segment, featuring Prof Cai Yiyu of Nanyang Technological University, creator of the 3D dolphin software, which helps children with ASD improve their communication skills.

(You can also watch video here)


Strengthening Laos' Defence Against Emerging Diseases

Featuring the work of Temasek Foundation and Temasek Life Sciences Lab (TLL)

This segment centres on the partnership between Temasek Foundation and TLL to share knowledge of biorisk management and emerging infectious diseases with professionals in five ASEAN countries (Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam). The programme’s objective is to strengthen each country’s national health development resources in terms of capacity building, surveillance, information sharing, research and training for laboratory biosafety and biosecurity, in order to prevent cross border outbreaks. Key participants from the programme in Laos including doctors, researchers and representatives from the World Health Organisation, the Ministry of Health and the National Centre for Laboratory and Epidemiology, are featured.  

(You can also watch video here

 Youths Paying It Forward

Featuring the work of the Singapore Technologies Endowment Programme (STEP)

This mini documentary reviews how STEP encourages youth in Singapore to support the less fortunate. Two programmes founded and run by STEP alumni are profiled, namely the Kampung Spirit Project, and the Boy’s Town Project. The Kampung Spirit Project aims to keep the spirit of community togetherness alive, by helping needy families and managing their progress over a three-year period, while the Boy's Town Project, now in its fifth year, provides both academic coaching and mentorship to the residents of Boy's Town, an institution that shelters and helps educate disadvantaged youths. STEP volunteers and beneficiaries are profiled and interviewed in this segment. Volunteers speak about their motivations for starting these projects and what drives them to continue to stay involved, while the beneficiaries share how these programmes have helped them thrive by giving them valuable support and guidance for the future.

(You can also watch video here)


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