Children Discover the Sounds of the Chinese Orchestra via Audiobooks


The cover of the Musical Adventures with Quek Quek Audiobook

What instruments make up the Chinese orchestra? Can you identify them and the sounds they make? These are some of the questions the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) hopes their Children’s Audiobook will help answer. Funded by Temasek Foundation Nurtures, a non-profit organisation funded by Temasek Trust, the audiobook is entitled ‘Musical Adventures with Quek Quek – Discover the Sounds of the Chinese Orchestra’. It is adapted from SCO’s popular Young Children’s Concerts and recounts the musical adventures of Conductor Quek Ling Kiong, also known as the character “Quek Quek”. This first-of-its-kind box set comprises four engaging series of illustrated books and an accompanying music CD that help children appreciate the sounds of the Chinese Orchestra. Each of the four stories takes readers on a fantastical adventure and teaches children all about the four main sections of the Chinese Orchestra. With text and beautiful illustrations accompanied with a CD of enchanting music performed by SCO, children will surely be enlightened and entertained through a colourful, musical journey with adventurer Quek Quek.

Produced in close collaboration with the SCO and written by childhood education expert, Linda Gan, the audiobook is perfect for pre-school-aged children as well as older children. Ultimately, the SCO hopes these audiobooks will inspire the next generation of Singaporeans to appreciate Chinese music from a young age through an innovative and educational storybook approach.

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About the adventures of Quek Quek

The ‘Musical Adventures with Quek Quek’ features stories such as Quek Quek’s latest adventures under the sea where he gets caught in the ocean currents and unfortunately falls into a coma. Luckily, a little mermaid who gives him a magical music potion saves him. After drinking the potion, Quek Quek is saved and transforms into a phenomenal music master! He then becomes the wonderfully talented Professor Quek. To find out more about the audiobooks, please email:
To watch Professor Quek, SCO’s upcoming Young Children’s Concert is on the 27th of May 2017 (Saturday), 5pm at the Esplanade Concert Hall click here.

About the SCO

The SCO is Singapore’s only professional Chinese orchestra. The orchestra, which is made up of more than 85 musicians, aims to preserve traditional arts and culture and establish new frontiers through the incorporation of Nanyang (South Sea/South East Asian) music elements in its repertoire. Known for its high performance standards and versatility, the SCO is recognised throughout the world and performs over 110 concerts a year at numerous prestigious concert halls both locally and internationally. SCO Young Children’s Concert brings children on a musical journey to discover fascinating sound waves. To find out more please visit:

Did you know…
New research conducted in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2016 shows that audiobooks have a very powerful impact on the literacy development of children. According to reading specialists, listening to such books can expand vocabulary, strengthens comprehension skills, particularly for children who have reading difficulties, and teaches proper pronunciation of words while also stimulating the imagination.