Encouraging EAGLES to soar

Julia Koh and fellow Eagles sharing in team building

Julia Koh and fellow Eagles sharing in team building

Six Singaporean and 19 ASEAN youth leaders came together in December last year for a four-day leadership programme in the National University of Singapore University Town. While this was the first such interaction, the foundation was laid 14 years ago with the Sunburst Youth Camp, where over a hundred ASEAN youths come together annually, for a week of educational and cultural exchange.
Julia Koh, who represented her school at the Sunburst Youth Camp in 2001, was left with such an indelible impression of her camp experience that when she was invited to attend the first Sunburst Eagles programme, Julia, a Human Resources Specialist, immediately signed up. This was an opportunity for Sunburst alumni to reconnect and to acquire new leadership skills.

An innovative programme, EAGLES helps youth leaders acquire the skills to Energize, Achieve, Galvanize, Lead, Empower and Soar.

Apart from harnessing leadership qualities through experiential learning and case study discussions, the programme also exposed participants to the value of compassion in leadership. To experience the reality, participants devoted half a day to interacting with the less privileged from TOUCH Community Services were also asked to suggest a community project to benefit their home country. The resulting suggestions ranged from providing food for less privileged families in Singapore to building communal toilets in Indonesia. Plans are now underway to implement some of these projects in the respective communities.

For Julia, the programme was more than a regular leadership workshop: “Sunburst EAGLES reminded me that I should actively work towards doing more, be it for the community or setting personal goals. It provided me with an encouraging environment to grow, both professionally and as a person. I was also very touched by the strong level of compassion shown by all participants to the less fortunate in Singapore.”