Help for Special Needs Kids

Featuring the work of the Singapore Millennium Foundation (SMF) & Temasek Cares

This mini documentary looks at how SMF and Temasek Cares support families and educators of children with special needs, and particularly children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Two Temasek Cares programmes SAFE (Support Autism through Family Empowerment) and ISSPA (Integration Support Programme for Pre-schoolers with Autism) are featured, including a family who directly benefits from the ISSPA programme.

SMF’s Virtual Pink Dolphin project is also highlighted in this segment, featuring Prof Cai Yiyu of Nanyang Technological University, creator of the 3D dolphin software, which helps children with ASD improve their communication skills.

Channel NewsAsia Spotlight Programme
Aired February 8, 2015

(Source: Channel NewsAsia via Youtube)