Help for special needs students extended

The NorthLight School

The NorthLight School

Temasek Cares, in partnership with Northlight School, will be extending a pilot programme to support students with special learning needs.

The programme, which started in academic year 2011, was originally slated to help 180 students till the end of academic year 2012.

The scheme, which is aimed at helping students with developmental disorders and delays, has shown promising results so far. Students under the programme understand lessons better and are attending classes more regularly. Temasek Cares has decided to extend the programme till academic year 2013.

Temasek Cares will support the programme with a grant of S$441,500 over the next 3 years. This enables Northlight School to engage specialists, such as occupational and speech therapists, to assess students’ learning needs and provide appropriate therapy to help prepare them for life beyond the classroom.

The school was established in January 2007 to support students at risk of dropping out of the education system, either because of failed attempts at the Primary School Leaving Examinations or premature school leavers who have yet to complete secondary education.