Individuals with Special Needs Receive Employment Support

Amirah (in grey shirt) and her co-trainees taking part in a group counselling session

Amirah (in grey shirt) and her co-trainees taking part in a group counselling session

Each year, over 20 students with learning disabilities graduate from Metta School. For many of these graduates, looking for a suitable job can be a daunting task.

To help these individuals find suitable employment, the Temasek Cares-Metta Employment Support Centre was set up in October 2011. Apart from providing employment support, the pilot programme also provides sheltered employment for graduates who are not ready for open employment. In addition, training is provided for the graduates to hone skills that will help increase their employability.

One such individual is 24-year-old Amirah, who graduated from Metta school in 2006. Under the Temasek Cares-Metta Employment Support Centre, Amirah received counselling and enrolled in classes such as a basic computer training course to prepare her for open employment. Through coaching, Amirah was also better able to perform during interviews with potential employers, and was offered a job as a Retail Assistant for NTUC-Fairprice.

The centre continued to engage Amirah through her employment, getting constant feedback from her employer and peers. With the support of her employers and family, she managed to complete her computer training course with the centre while sustaining her job at NTUC-Fairprice.

The programme has not only helped Amirah take a step towards independence, it has also boosted her self-confidence. “Amirah is happy to work in NTUC,” says Mr Ehsam Bin Mamde, Amirah’s brother. “She is becoming more confident of herself both in her work and living an independent life.”

The programme aims to benefit over 130 Metta School graduates like Amirah by end 2013.