Securing knowledge on coping with developmental needs

Specialised parental care supports Dani Haziq

Specialised parental care supports Dani Haziq

When Dani Haziq reached the age of three and was not still talking or walking, his parents realized that he was not developing at the pace of a normal child. He cried for attention and was uncomfortable in new places and disliked crowds. Realizing this behavior was odd, his parents gathered their courage and took Dani Haziq to be examined by a doctor at the KK Children’s Hospital Department of Child Development. The doctor confirmed the little boy was autistic.

Dani Haziq’s parents joined parents of 500 children with developmental needs in a programme known as IMPACTT (Involving and Motivating Parents and Caregivers Through Training) funded by Temasek Cares.

They went through six sessions in Signposts, a caregivers’ training programme developed by the Parenting Research Centre of Australia which helped them develop skills in coping with their child and helping him develop. Today thanks to his parents’ knowledge and support, Dani Haziq is able to walk independently, and tries hard to communicate even though his speech is not clear.Temasek Cares – IMPACTT programme was launched in January this year to help parents better manage the behaviour of children with developmental needs. Demand has been so strong that KK Hospital will, in the next two years, be reaching out to parents of another 1,600 children with developmental needs or who are intellectually challenged.

The next phase is to expand the programme to help families manage difficult behaviour of children in the 3-15 years age group. Their inclusion will allow KK Hospital to gather information to help build a customised caregiver’s training programme suited to Singapore.