SOTA Art Students Soak Up UK Culture


SOTA students visited Tate Britain art gallery as part of their AEP trip to London

In June 2015, 12 visual arts students from the School of the Arts (SOTA) attended an intensive five-day ‘Introduction to Curating Contemporary Art Exhibitions’ course at the prestigious Chelsea College of Arts, as part of the Arts Excellence Programme (AEP) funded by Temasek Education Foundation. The AEP aims to provide the best learning opportunities available worldwide for SOTA students who exhibit outstanding artistic ability and who could benefit from more rigorous exposure to develop their skills and talents.

This art exhibitions course not only provided students with the opportunity to gain valuable and practical insights from curators at leading art institutions in London, but also widened the students’ understanding of visual arts through museum and gallery visits. Furthermore, their active participation in workshops required by the course gave the students a deeper understanding of 21st century curatorial developments and contemporary cultures on display. At the end of their stay, the students developed a comprehensive proposal for a curatorial project, which they then exhibited at SOTA upon their return to Singapore.

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About one student’s experience in the UK

“The course helped me learn about the history of museology and curating, as well as better understand the kinds of dialogues a good curator can generate between an artist and his audience. What I was particularly drawn to in London were the city’s alternative art spaces that focus on providing platforms for under-represented or neglected communities. One such space was ‘The Showroom,’ that had an exhibition entitled ‘From Left To Night,’ which examined politics and music in relation to the unresolved tensions caused by the 2011 London riots. The show exposed the underlying racism that can occur in a multicultural society like London and how Hip Hop became a voice for marginalised members of the African-British community.” – Ryan Benjamin Lee, Year 6 IBCP participant at SOTA

About how SOTA integrates art into its academic curriculum

Here’s a glimpse of what’s unique about the SOTA education experience.

Did you know…

SOTA plays a pivotal role in boosting Singapore’s vibrant arts scene through their graduates and their involvement with local arts partners. Additionally, every year thanks to the AEP, close to 250 SOTA students get to partake in arts festivals, master classes and summer programmes both in Singapore and abroad, at some of the world’s most renowned institutions. This gives their students unique learning opportunities and a chance to hone their skills, which in turn helps enrich the local art scene in Singapore.