Youths Paying It Forward

Featuring the work of the Singapore Technologies Endowment Programme (STEP)

This mini documentary reviews how STEP encourages youth in Singapore to support the less fortunate. Two programmes founded and run by STEP alumni are profiled, namely the Kampung Spirit Project, and the Boy’s Town Project.

The Kampung Spirit Project aims to keep the spirit of community togetherness alive, by helping needy families and managing their progress over a three-year period, while the Boy’s Town Project, now in its fifth year, provides both academic coaching and mentorship to the residents of Boy’s Town, an institution that shelters and helps educate disadvantaged youths.

STEP volunteers and beneficiaries are profiled and interviewed in this segment. Volunteers speak about their motivations for starting these projects and what drives them to continue to stay involved, while the beneficiaries share how these programmes have helped them thrive by giving them valuable support and guidance for the future.

Channel NewsAsia Spotlight Programme
Aired April 5, 2015

(Source: Channel NewsAsia via Youtube)