Temasek International FoundationTemasek International Foundation (TIF) was established in 2010 in conjunction with the 45th anniversary of Singapore’s independence.

It promotes regional scholarships, international fellowships and oversees two endowment initiatives named after Singapore’s pioneer leaders: the S$100 million S Rajaratnam Endowment for the promotion of international fellowship in ASEAN and beyond, and the S$35 million Hon Sui Sen Endowment to develop talents in the financial industry in Asia.

The S Rajaratnam Endowment (SRE)’s objective is to achieve peace and stability in the region by deepening international friendships, promoting regional cooperation, and fostering a greater and common understating of international rules, based on the twin pillars of good governance and sustainability.


The SRE supports programmes and partnerships that are aligned with the work and areas of interest that the late-Mr S Rajaratnam was known for.  Besides international relations, politico-economic, geo-strategic and social issues, other areas include culture, journalism and literary arts. In addition, the SRE also supports programmes that aim to cultivate and engage past, present and future leaders.

The Hon Sui Sen Endowment (HSSE), named after former Singapore Minister of Finance, the late Mr Hon Sui Sen, promotes talent development in the Asian financial sector through the Temasek Regional Regulators Scholarship Programme at the Wealth Management Institute.

Its focus is on developing talented individuals in the financial industry in Asia, including policy makers, central bankers, market regulators and financial professionals in public service, and seeks to create opportunities for them to share learning and experiences in a rapidly evolving Asia, thereby fostering fellowship and exchange among them.