Lightening Up Our Frontliners

25 Apr 2020

(Nurses taking photos and enjoying the light display. Photo credit: #LIGHTFORSG)

With the onset of COVID-19 in Singapore, Ching Eng Han wanted to express his appreciation to the healthcare community and to "lighten their spirits in the fight against the virus". As a marketing and events man, he decided to accomplish it in a big way. 

“I do events and production work. This is my skill, my craft and so I chose light to represent lighting up their day literally and figuratively.”

Tapping into his company’s expertise and funds, he decided on creating light projections to convey positive messages. The idea was inspired by the #LightItBlue campaign that saw the Singapore flag projected on giant “canvases” — the Swiss Alps and the Marina Bay Sands building.

Naming his project #LIGHTFORSG, Han started with the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) where his team executed a giant light projection of the “Merlion in a heart” accompanied with the words “Thank You Healthcare Heroes” between Blocks 6 and 7 of the hospital’s building facade, the site where the staff made time to snap their share of photos. All in all, it was very positively received.

Of this, Han, who was just glad to have managed to put a smile on their faces, reflected:

“It was touching to hear stories of the staff going through all the hardship. We appreciate them for their hard work. They deserve every ounce of gratitude.”

This success at SGH - coupled with the emergence of Temasek Trust’s oscar@sg fund - spurred Han on to think about extending his project - this time, to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, KK Women's and Children's Hospital, National University Hospital, St Andrew’s Community Hospital, and Anglican Care Centre.

To think that this idea had been borne at a time when Han was most worried about his company, Mjd.Pro. 2020 was supposed to be a “breakthrough year” for Han and his team who were “ready to take on the world”. And it was until COVID-19 struck.

“We felt devastated. COVID-19 made us realise this year has to be a write-off year and we had to find part-time jobs or other ways to survive.” 

It was right in the middle of this when Han came across reports of the brave healthcare professionals who were tirelessly helping those afflicted with the virus. He was so moved, and an idea struck him.

“It just came as a random thought. I mean, if this year is going to be a ‘write-off’ year for us, [why not] let’s do something good for these brave people [instead]?”

#LIGHTFORSG was born. 

Currently, Han and his team are tirelessly putting the shine at the identified hospitals. They aim to reach out to at least 2,000 staff from each hospital and hope to showcase the joy captured at all the hospitals on social media.

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